‘Guess What the Dog Did today?!’

7 Feb

Tales of Tuxedo

There are so many benefits when it comes to working from home. You can do the laundry (all day long!). You can make a warm lunch. You can wear your Lululemon hoodie four days in a row.

But there is a catch. Ya, there is no one to talk to throughout the day. At my last job, my poor co-worker  spent hours hearing about last night’s dinner or where I went shopping on the weekend.

I do spend time outside of home, covering stories for the local newspaper and radio station, allowing me to spill the beans about this morning’s breakfast to anyone who will listen, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that I don’t work with anyone from home.

Enter Tuxedo.

Our 1.5-year-old dog has spent hours staring at me from across the home office.
Lying on his bed, he’ll look at me when I’m talking to myself, chatting on the phone, or taking a sip from my coffee. Yes, it can get creepy at times. But thank Baby Jesus for him. At least it means there is another body inside the house.

The biggest victim to this situation is my husband, who receives multiple daily updates on the dog’s status.

“Tux is snoring and it’s sooo cute!”
“Tux is chasing his tail.”
“This dog won’t stop whiiiiiiiiiiining.”

I do my best to make these dog stories as interesting as possible, but the worst is when he won’t respond to my Tux Tales. The most logical solution, then, would be to get a second dog, who coud listen to my updates.

Question: Do you provide ongoing pet updates to your loved ones? Or is it just me?

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