So long, Fisher

10 Feb

Mr. Underwood

See? This is what I mean. JUST when you think you’re going to have the best year of your life, the Ottawa Senators pull something like this – they trade Mike Fisher.

Fisher has played his entire 10-year NHL career in Ottawa thus grabbing the hearts of many Ottawa Valley girls. Myself included.

I don’t do the whole celebrity crush thing, but for some reason, Fisher got to me. His eyes. His smile. His sweet skills on the ice. Nevermind his terrible haircut.

I used to work in the Ottawa Senators Press Box as a media runner, and one time, I held the door for Fisher. And he said – get this – “Thanks.” Whoa.

In university, I was the campus newspaper editor and even wrote an editorial on him. First class journalism, folks, all in the name of love.

My Fisher crush is a long-standing joke in my family’s household, and my husband knows Fisher is the only real threat when it comes to my “Top 5” list (Reference: Friends).

So go to Nashville. Listen to your beautiful wife (I do love her) sing country in Music City and enjoy the year-long warmth (I am jealous).

We had some good times, Fisher, and Ottawa Valley girls will miss you. Myself included.


Written by Cat’s Cove Writing Services

2 Responses to “So long, Fisher”

  1. Amy February 11, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    I heard on the radio this morning that Carrie Fisher sales were down 24% in Ottawa yesterday as a result of Ottawa fans being furious of the trade.

    Speaking of sales, apparently Aerosmith sales are up 240% since Idol began.

    Who knew? I wasn’t aware anyone bought CD’s anymore.

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