Marriage: The Glasses are Half Full?

16 Feb

After reviewing my first few blog postings, my former university roommate/Pizza Hut buffet/Truck-driving-in-the-backyard partner in crime sent me a text message. He told me he loved my blog.

Aww…. that’s so nice!

And his blog-loving reason?

“It lets me get a glimpse into married life. And it looks like it’s treating you two very well.”

Aww….that’s so naive!

I’m so excited for my roommate and his upcoming nuptials, and he’s engaged to an amazing girl. But please, roommate, marriage ain’t always so perfect.

(Side Note: From now on I’m going to refer my husband’s name as Jamally. It’s a combination of our two last names, and we crafted this name together one random night in Bancroft, Ontario. We were doing long distance, as I was in Muskoka for a summer working at a newspaper, and Bancroft was our halfway point. Lesson: James and McNally = Jamally.)

Jamally and I are nearing our six-year anniversary this June, and have shared the same quarters for a while now. So following our wedding day, it’s fair to say not too much changed.

But that doesn’t mean we have it all figured out. Heck, no!

Please refer to Exhibit A:

This container once contained cookies. The cookies were eaten. But the container remains.  Jamally eats now, discards later. Or not at all. You know what I’m talking about. Think empty milk cartons, cracker boxes and peanut butter jars.

It’s a constant struggle in the James’ household, and I continuously have to check myself: Do I just throw it out myself? Do I make him accountable? Is this worth the potential argument?

Now, on a completely different note, look at this cute photo of our dog, Tux!

Pay NO attention to the three glasses of water on the back dresser. Or the other one on the nightstand. I love to bring a glass of water to bed with me each night. The thing is, I have the previous night’s glass of water to deal with, and it usually ends up getting temporarily shelved on the nearby dresser.

Each Sunday night, I make trips downstairs to the kitchen, balancing half-consumed glasses of water in my arms. Jamally chuckles, and usually makes a passing comment. Sometimes he pretends to play the glasses in the bedroom as Sandra Bullock once did in Miss Congeniality. Hey, at least if a fire ever broke out in our room, we would be well prepared. Or at least well hydrated.

He never harps on me about this annoying habit, which I often recall when I see an empty milk carton hanging out beside the kitchen sink.

My point? My long-winded point? Marriage is definitely treating us well, but it also comes with hard work and petty annoyances. We won’t be calling in any “Newly Wed, Nearly Dead” expert, but we know we aren’t perfect.

I just hope my former roommate knows what to expect after he says his vows. Water glasses and all.

5 Responses to “Marriage: The Glasses are Half Full?”

  1. Terry Stewart February 16, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    Hi Cathy;
    I enjoyed reading this too!…. but if my wife starting taking pictures – oh boy! Although you did present things in a balanced way. Your certainly right about the work part – but its a lot more complicated than our bad habits of course. I’ll look forward to reading more. Meanwhile, the “glasses” are more than half full!

  2. Jill February 16, 2011 at 9:49 pm #

    I hear you loud and clear! Marriage is a delight, but requires regular pride-swallowing exercises.

    Great post. 🙂


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