Perth Kilt Run

19 Feb

2010 Perth Kilt Run

Perth Kilt Run Breaks Guinness Record

Originally named after Perth, Scotland, my hometown feels a connection to its Scottish roots, and last year, residents wanted to do something to commemorate our sister town’s 800th birthday.

So Perth, Canada ran.

Organized by local running shop, The Running Goat, the Perth Kilt Run was organized and the concept was amazingly creative. Slap on a kilt, run 8km and call the Guinness Book of World Records.

Each participant got a True-to-Scottish-Tradition authentic kilt in their race kit and were required to wear it for the race. The 8km distance was a way to honour Perth, Scotland’s 8th century celebrations, and tackling a Guinness Book of World Record for the Most People Running While Wearing a Kilt was icing on the cake, as the Perth race only had to have more than 250 people run in the event to beat the running (punny!) record.

The race sold out in a matter of weeks and last summer, more than 1,000 runners laced their running shoes and tightened their kilts. Running through the streets of Perth and through Canada’s oldest golf course, the Perth Golf Course, the Perth Kilt Run, needless to say, was a huge hit.

I couldn’t run it last year because we were originally set to go Toronto that same weekend for a wedding. But a little event called the G20 summit forced the Toronto couple to reschedule their wedding. By that time, the race was already sold out, though it was just as fun to go and watch the race.

Just this week the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed the Perth Kilt Run met the record standards, and our town now holds the world record for Most People Running While Wearing a Kilt. Very cool.

The race’s success spurred race organizers to do it again this year, and it takes place July 2, 2011 and Perth, Scotland’s Provost will be on the sidelines this year to see it for himself. I ensured I signed up early so that I could take part in this year’s race. Now I just have to practice running in a kilt!

Learn more about the Perth Kilt Run.


2 Responses to “Perth Kilt Run”

  1. Brianne Peters February 19, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Can’t be much harder than running with a shirt on backwards!


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    […] weekend marks the Perth Kilt Run, and for a handful of runners, this will be their debut race. First off, congrats on signing up […]

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