Running in my Parents’ Basement

7 Mar

(**Disclaimer: This writer is appreciative of the facility and running equipment provided by her parents**)

Last week, I got my marathon wake-up call. If I was going to train for this race, I needed to commit and shut up about it. I visited a friend last Wednesday and her husband had just  completed his first marathon last fall. When discussing my marathon quest, his words of advice were simple: Follow the training program, no matter what. Just get it done.

I know if I want to continue this quest to complete my first marathon, I needed to at least keep up my mileage. So the following morning, I got up and went out into -20-degree weather and knocked off a 10-km run. I figured that was the Marathon Gods’ way of testing my commitment. Cathy, 1. Marathon Gods, 0.

And then came Sunday. The training schedule called for a 19-km run. The day before it had rained all day and overnight, 10-cm of snow plummeted onto the ground. The streets were still snowy and if they weren’t still snow covered, they were icy from the previous day’s rain freezing up.

My friend’s husband’s words resonated with me. And there was no way I could let the Marathon Gods win this early in the race.

So I headed out to my parents’ place, as they have a treadmill. They live on a lake and have the most beautiful view in the world.

Don't mind the table!

So you would be surprised to see where they have their treadmill:

They have placed it in a corner of the basement where the only view is of a dark blue wall. Top it off with the fact that their house usually sits at 100-degrees farenheit. It was like Hot Yoga For Runners. Without the Yoga.

So I loaded up my iPod with an Adam Corolla and Vinyl Cafe podcast, and interjected with a few Eminem songs (Won’t Back Done is my Favourite running song). I repeated my friend’s husband’s words of advice to just ‘get it done’. Three glasses of water, 1,350 calories and two hours and 12 minutes later, I got it done.

I went upstairs hoping my parents’ would enjoy listening to me whine about my training trials. But then I stopped myself. No one wants to listen to you moan and groan about training when I’m the one who decided to train. Instead, I ate their food (like any 29-year-old child would do) and enjoyed the evening with them. The lakeside view at dinner didn’t hurt, either.


2 Responses to “Running in my Parents’ Basement”

  1. Heidi March 7, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    Way to go! I also had a 16km training run on Sunday no treadmill in sight so…I ditched it and baked cake instead. Perhaps not the best decision but one my kids thanked me for!

    • Cat's Cove Writing Services March 8, 2011 at 9:27 am #

      Believe me, I was trying to think of every reason not to do the run. But I just didn’t want to do it Monday morning! Cake sounds much better! 🙂

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