Celebrating Six Months of Marital Bliss

18 Mar

Six months ago today, Jamally and I said, I Do. But at what cost? Just kidding, I just like that phrase from Rich Bride, Poor Bride.

When preparing for our nuptials, I would watch whatever wedding show I could fit into my couch time.

Wedding SOS. Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Say Yes to the Dress. Bulging Brides – that was my favourite one.

Jamally often gets home late from work, and before our wedding, he would bet his first child he could find me plunked in front of the television, trying to spot a sweet table centrepiece idea on “Four Weddings”. I have no idea what attracted me to these shows, but I can think of a couple of reasons. I either thought they would give me some great idea I could steal that would blow my wedding guests’ minds – OR – it made me feel better that these brides were crazier than me.

I don’t think I played too many bridezilla roles in the wedding planning phases, but seeing someone go coo-coo over the aisle runner offered me wedding-planning solace.

Before our wedding, Jamally was at a doctor’s appointment, and he and the doc were chatting about our upcoming wedding.

“Lemme guess,” said the doctor. “Your fiance watches those stupid wedding shows. Just so you know, they don’t stop watching them after the wedding.”

Jamally came home to report this, and thought it was hilarious. And slightly frightening.  I’m happy to report that since our wedding on September 18, I haven’t watched the wedding shows. I might sneak in a Bulging Bride here and there, but overall, I’ve given it up. It’s now time for Home Makeover Shows. Am I right?

Here are some of our favourite shots from our big day:

Thanks to Katie Mulligan for these photos.

Happy Six months!

One Response to “Celebrating Six Months of Marital Bliss”

  1. Berthine May 11, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    your wedding day pictures look beautiful. I love the one of you laughing and your husband standing behind you! May you two have a wonderful life together! I will be a frequent reader of your blog now that i’m a newlywed 🙂

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