Fantasy Baseball and Dairy Queen

29 Mar

Jamally’s job involves political fundraising campaigning, so when the federal election was called, his hours at work skyrocketed. Some days I feel like I’m waiting for him to get home, and by 6 p.m., I’m about three steps away from watching for him from behind the front-window curtain. Creepy, I know. That’s why I don’t do it. Yet.

So when he finally got home last night past 8 p.m., I was so eager and excited to chat. We’ll talk about our day! I’ll watch him eat the delicious dinner I made! And then we’ll talk some more!

That’s when I found out he had a two-hour online fantasy baseball draft lined up for 8:30.

Instead of praise for my culinary skills or rehashing my day at the home office, all I got was this:
Jamally: “You don’t need the computer, do you?”
Me: “No. Do you want me to put a dinner plate together for you?”
Jamally: “No, thanks. Not hungry.”


So, like any normal disappointed person would do, I went and got Dairy Queen. I’m not huge on sweets, but when I get the urge for DQ, it doesn’t take a long time to convince me to go. I got a Skor blizzard, which is my go-to DQ selection.

An onlooker

Afterwards, I was groaning with a stomach ache from the dairy, while listening to Jamally shout at the computer when someone took one of his picks.

Not the night I had envisioned!

But at least:
-I’m not Chris Brown
-Jamally killed the spider that’s been lurking in our hallway for two days
-This was considered my biggest worry for the day

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