I Have Won a Race Before

2 Apr

Once, and only once, I have won a race. It was a 5-km distance, and I beat people who completed the race in under 20 minutes. I’ll take the bragging rights with me to the grave.

That’s because it was a prediction run.

A few years ago, the local running shop, The Running Goat, hosted its first Spring Goat Prediction Run. The idea is that before the race, you have to voice your predicted finishing time to the race organizers, who then write that time down. No watches, Garmins, sun dials allowed on the course. The person who completes the race closes to their prediction time is declared the winner.

I remember I had initially put down 25:56. But I had been doing a lot of running and a bit of speed work, so minutes before the race, I changed it to 25:26. I ended up crossing the finish line in 25:19, seven seconds off my predicted time, making me the winning race participant. It’s the only way I’ll ever win a race and I’ll take it!

This morning the prediction race takes place again and we’ll line up and see who comes closest to their predicted time. I have a super, ridiculous, overwhelming long run scheduled for tomorrow (getting a bit of anxiety about the distance), so I’m not going to try to do my fastest 5-km race today. But I can’t wait for the run!

In Other News:
-We are heading out to the Maberly Fall River Restaurant tonight to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Amazing food and good conversation are on tonight’s line-up!
-I fought off ordering pizza last night and instead got Subway. Somehow I think that is a winning decision.
-Apparently the only things on my mind these days are running and food. Time for a life. And a sandwich.

Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “I Have Won a Race Before”

  1. Amy April 2, 2011 at 8:03 am #

    Common discussion between my Dad and I.

    Amy: Dad, I ran a half marathon
    Dad: Good… did you win?

    Or my other favorite…

    Dad: Amy, did you run that marathon last weekend?
    Amy: I ran the 10k.
    Dad: Well, ya.. same thing.


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