Special Weekend Plans

8 Apr

This weekend, Jamally and I will be doing something we never expected to do as a married couple: lead a marriage prep course.

Ya heard me. My church runs an annual, weekend-long marriage prep course where couples are required to attend in order to get married in the church. One year ago this weekend, we were in those chairs as participants. We entered the weekend dragging our feet, not knowing what to expect. We figured it would be a lot of God talk and someone waving their finger at us.

But it was the exact opposite. We learned that other couples experience a lot of the same things we do, and it actually made us talk about some things we struggled with in our relationship. By the end of the weekend, we said to ourselves we would like to be a part of the group who organizes the weekend. So we joined in.

We figure we’ll dress up like Bob and Marty Culp, and tell them not to do drugs.

'Black Hole Sun'

The weekend starts tonight and runs until Sunday, making it a long weekend, and though we have only been married 202 days (I tallied it up for tonight’s introduction), we hope we can offer some insight, especially since we just went through the whole wedding thing. We’re not doing it because we think we are a great couple, we’re doing it because we want other couples to get the same experience we did.

Perhaps I can open our talk with what happened last night at our home. I swear, Jamally still has no idea where things are located in the kitchen. Last night we decided to watch a movie and make popcorn. He was in charge of the popcorn, and yelled up to me, “Where are the green bowls?!”. We haven’t had these two green bowls for a year now, because we got two sets of new bowls given to us as presents. I told him this, and rather than looking for the new bowls, he comes up with his own solution:

I can't make this stuff up

Yep. He used a colander.

“I’m worried about the metal,” he said with concern.

What worries me is I know he’ll use this from now on.

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Special Weekend Plans”

  1. Amy April 8, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    Oh Toby… how you warm my heart with your MacGuyer like solutions to how to house popcorn. Well done sir.

  2. Amy April 8, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    ooops, MacGyver.

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