Punching the Dog

11 Apr

Happy Monday! We had our marriage prep course this weekend in which we led. While it made for a long weekend, we did really enjoy it, and we discovered we benefitted from it as a couple, as it made us think about our own relationship.

The course starts on a Friday night, and each couple gets their photo taken and given the photo at the end of the weekend. Jamally and I got our shot done again this year, and I scanned last year’s and this year’s photo to compare. Not too many more wrinkles! (The top photo is this year’s photo).

We also learned a lot about peoples’ behaviour this weekend. It’s so interesting to see how different couples interact.

We had small group discussions and Jamally and I led four couples. We talked about how they met, how their families differ, their communication styles, a lot of different stuff. I think it went pretty well, especially considering it was our first year leading a group.

Until the end. The last small group gathering on Sunday, we discussed the topic of children: How many do you want to have, who will be the disciplinarian, etc. To share our story, we talked about who would be the disciplinarian in our household. I said having a dog has helped us identify our parental behaviours. And then I said this:

“I just hope Toby doesn’t punch our children.”


What I jokingly MEANT to say was that I hope Toby doesn’t rough house with the children as he does with the dog. The dog loves it, but it drives me crazy when they play around in the house. Rather than say that, I led the couples to believe Jamally lashes out at our dog. Ugh. Jamally looked at me as though I had two heads, and we quickly explained what I meant. 

But it doesn’t matter: I will never. ever. hear the end of this one!

2 Responses to “Punching the Dog”

  1. Sue April 11, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    OMG, this made me laugh out loud, too funny!

    I hope you got the chance to explain what you meant!

  2. steph April 12, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    HA! Sounds like something I would say.

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