The Gregory Brothers & Our Twisted Humour

15 Apr

Part of what makes Jamally and I click is our shared love of odd humour. We love it when we come across something we both find hilarious and for days following, we often quote lines from the video, skit, comedy routine, podcast, etc.

We have come across The Gregory Brothers, and you most likely know them for the Bed Intruder Song. They are a family well-known for auto tuning songs based on news stories, and have received millions of YouTube hits. Our favourite Gregory Brothers song is called, “Backin’ Up”, and at sporadic times, one of us will just start Backin’ Up, and the other immediately knows what’s going on. You have to watch it to appreciate it (this is where Jamally and I often get into trouble: we find it hilarious, I share it with others, and get blank stares in return). Enjoy!

In order to fully appreciate the hilarity, please first watch this news video from KMBC, a Kansas City CBS Station :

And here is the Gregory Brothers’ rendition of what happened:

And if you’re a Charlie Sheen Fan:

My favourite Lines:
“I’m on a drug called Charlie Sheen”
“Are you bi-polar? I’m bi-winning”

Happy Friday!!!


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