What the Fartlek?

27 Apr

Training took a new turn this morning, as I substituted my hill workouts with fartlek training. Swedish for “Speed Play”, fartleks work to help you increase your lactic acid threshold. In other words, it prepares you to hurt less when racing. I haven’t done speed work in so long, so it was nice to get back into it. But it’s been. so. frickin. long. I was hurting, and knew I wasn’t as fast as I was during my boot camp days.

I took some advice from Run By Design, who said not to make it a structured run, but rather, go by feel. So I chose to run according to telephone pole distance for a while, and then simply picked landmarks. “Just run to that patch of mud in the middle of the road.” It went by so quickly, and was good to listen to my body, rather than depend on a structured outline. Other than hurting very muchly, great workout.

For me, these runs help not only with my training mentality, but also with my mental…umm…mentality. I’ve definitely had a cloud hanging over my head for the past week, and can’t seem to shake it off. As you could imagine, I’ve been a real treat around the house.


 To make matters worse, I spent the majority of my run today, thinking about past work failures. As Borat would say: That is very helpful – not!



So as I was coming to the last kilometre of my run, I said to myself, “Now think of the good things you’ve done in your work.” Immediately, it helped negate the bad thoughts, and focus on the positive. Not easy to do, but hey, it worked. I then came home and swept the floors. It’s amazing how a clean house can sort out one’s mind.

Storm Cloud and All.


Question: What do you do to get out of your Storm Cloud Funk?


One Response to “What the Fartlek?”

  1. Madeline Bouvier April 28, 2011 at 4:47 am #

    “They” say that organizing a closet or cleaning your house can be as therapeutic as a massage. I tend to agree. Having things in order always makes me feel better. Venting to a friend is also good therapy. 🙂

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