Apparently I’m a Baby

9 May

Am I sleepy?



Asking those questions usually helped Jamally figure out what my problem was over the course of our romantical getaway weekend. Let me explain. Before we departed for Ottawa, I first had to run a 32-km training run. It was not easy (tomorrow’s post), and as per usual, I was tired for the remainder of the day. And hungry. And sometimes gassy.

Once we checked into the hotel, I announced I needed food. Once I got food, I announced I needed a nap. Then more food. Then more sleep.

I need a nap! Stat!


Finally, as we were heading to bed for the night, Jamally had a revelation: “The only thing separating you from a baby right now is that you’re training for a marathon.”

His point? All my problems mirrored a baby’s lifestyle. By Sunday morning, if I had a pout on my face, Jamally simply needed to ask: Are you hungry? sleepy? gassy? More or less, it was one of those options.

Darn him for being right! I felt bad for being a brat at times, but lesson learned. Have some food and sleep before hitting the road for a great weekend away.

Question: Does this happen in your relationship?

Beyond the Baby Behaviour:
-We had a great dinner at Baton Rouge.
-I was in bed by 10 p.m.
-We went to Le Nordik spa on Sunday. While it screams relaxation and rejuvenation, it truly is as such. Following our 90-minute massage, we went from sauna to hot bath to sauna to waterfalls. Once we got the car, our legs and eyelids were heavy. And, if you could imagine, I was hungry, too!

One Response to “Apparently I’m a Baby”

  1. Madeline May 9, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    Yep. I always fall asleep in the car during a road trip. within 15 minutes of being on the road, I’m out! It drives Luc crazy. Hungry? Every 2 hours.
    Gassy? Never!

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