Thirsty Thursdays

13 May

Helllloooo, Friday! Lately, I’ve been in love with Fridays not for their weekend introductory meaning, but as a ‘rest’ day from marathon training. I ran every day this week, so I was especially looking forward to taking this Friday off from my running schedule.

But what this also means is I look forward to a glass or two of wine on Thursday nights, knowing there isn’t a requirement to lace up my runners the following day. Last night I made dinner plans with my sister and friend, and we had a great time.

Exhibit A:

Easy Rider


My sister’s son loves to truck around in this gizmo I had bought him for Christmas. So we thought we would test drive it ourselves. To pull him around, my sister tied their dog’s old leash around the steering wheel. I’m surprised there were no injuries!

We also made this Ahhh-mazing pizza last night, thanks to Amy. It was a flatbread pizza, and we mashed sweet potatoes mixed with sage to use as the pizza ‘sauce’. We threw on caramelized onions and parsnips, raisins, and goat cheese. It sounds odd, but I think it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had  – and it’s healthy (unless, of course, you eat four pieces)!

Three glasses on wine later (that’s more than enough these days), Jamally popped by to come and get me. I had a blast and love it even more than I can rest today.

This weekend we are laying low, and I couldn’t be more excited.

QUESTION: What are your weekend plans?

Happy Weekend!

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