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Diet: Not Eating Party Food

30 Jun

Last night I attended a summer potluck party at a fellow boot camper’s home.

Being on this elimination diet (that’s what I now call it), I have learned some things when heading to events:

1. Eat before you go

Ok, that’s all I’ve learned.

Usually when I go to these kinds of parties, I’m excited to stuff my face with bad food and have a few glasses of wine. Last night’s party made me understand the diet’s actual restrictions, which tempted every single craving I have had over these past two weeks.

So when I arrived at the party, I realized it was going to be a challenge.

Nacho dip, pita bread, sliders, potato salad, homemade bread, Skor crack (yes, it’s crack), fudge*.

You name it, it was there.

The spread looked something like this:

Potluck and all its Glory

How can you not be tempted with this kind of spread?!

At one point (when the nacho dip was placed on the table directly in front of me), I actually said to myself, “just make today cheat day.”

But I didn’t.

Instead, I loaded my plate with ‘elimination diet’ friendly foods. And had no wine. or dessert.

Was it hard? Oh, sweet merciful Star Jones was it ever.

Using a boatload of willpower and stubborn measures, I got through it, and walked away with no regrets.

Although I couldn’t have the full menu, I had an amazing time!

*Note: This week’s cheat day will include nacho dip, pita bread, sliders, potato salad, homemade bread, skor crack (yes, it’s crack), fudge. You better believe it.

Question: Do you have willpower at Potluck Parties?




Weak Coffee

29 Jun

Good morning!

While making this morning’s breakfast, I reached for my coffee, only to realize I’m almost out. I decided to get past this awful circumstance and make coffee with what I had. Talk about a weak cup of Joe!


It’s a running joke/fear in the James’ household that if I don’t have my morning coffee, you’d better watch out!

Today’s menu will call for two cups of said weak coffee.


In the background of the above photo, you’ll see my agenda behind the cup of coffee. It’s my newest, and most favourite, addition to the home office.

I purchased it over the weekend, after finding my smaller agenda was just too small.

I am in love with this weekly agenda! I see what’s coming up for the week, and there’s plenty of space to write in my tasks, meetings and appointments.

When I’ve completed an agenda task? I check it off my list. Yes. I physically put a check mark beside that task. Makes me feel productive.

I’ve already checked off three tasks this morning! With weak coffee and all!

Have a great Wednesday!

Today’s Question: Do you use an agenda? If so, what’s your method?


How to Run Your First Race

28 Jun

How to Run Your First Race. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Ha! (Edna Krabappel laugh)

No, stop, think of the children

This weekend marks the Perth Kilt Run, and for a handful of runners, this will be their debut race. First off, congrats on signing up for a race. That in itself is a huge accomplishment.

I’ve been running races for nine years, and since my first five-km, I have learned about what to eat, what to wear, what to think and most importantly, what not to think during a race. I’m not an expert, but I have taken some new information with every experience.

Here are my tips for running a first race:

1. Relax.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You’re obviously going to have pre-race jitters, but the more worked up you get about the race, but more stressed you’ll become. What happens when we’re stressed? Bad things happen. The day before the race, or the hours leading up to the race, keep yourself busy to keep distracted. But also, don’t do something that will make you tired. Watch a movie, don’t hunt for vampires.

2. Eat. And Eat Normal Things.
Though you may be nervous leading up to the race, make sure you eat. Even if it means forcing yourself to do so. Your body will thank you as you toe the start line. What should I eat before the race? Eat what you’ve been eating on a normal basis. If you have a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch everyday, but think you need to add more protein, or subtract whole grains, just go with your routine. If it’s worked for you for this long, then it will work with your stomach for the race. This is especially true if your stomach already has butterflies. You don’t want to be messing the butterflies up with some homemade mayo.

3. Stick to Routine.
This echoes the last point, but it’s a point I take seriously. I don’t try new shoes, socks, medication (wha?), food, or anything new that could hinder the race. Stick with your training gear, and you’ll feel confident during the race.

4.  Enjoy the Crowds.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you arrive at your first race. That guy looks fast. Why is that chick using a water belt? Those girls legs are amazing. Why the heck am I here? Whenever I get nervous and compare myself to others before a race, I think about the training I put in to prepare for the race, and it usually gives me perspective. There will be the fast cats at the front of the line, but otherwise, everyone is there for the same reason you’re there – to run a race and knock off an accomplishment.

'We like sports, and we don't care who knows!'

5. Give Yourself Props!
Once you’ve finished the race, your mind goes one of three ways. 1)’That was amazing and I’ll do it all over again!’ 2) ‘That was awful, but I might, in another five years, consider doing it again!’ 3)’That was awful, I got a cramp, I was too slow, that guy cut me off, I stepped in a puddle, I should have been better, etc…’. In my early years, I almost always finished my races thinking the third ending. I then walked away being mad at myself. When, really, when you think about it, I had just completed a race, and not a lot of people do that. No matter how the run goes, once you’ve finished, take a few minutes to get perspective on what you just accomplished. No matter how fast, slow or wet your shoes may be at that point.

Good luck to all the racers this weekend!

Today’s Question: What is your advice on running your first race?

Diet Cheat Day

27 Jun

What’s delicious, full of carbs and guilt free? Cheat day, of course!

As Jamally and I continue our four-hour body diet, we are granted one cheat day per week. No holds barred.

As this is more of an elimination diet for me, I decided to continue to cut out dairy (for the most part). Here’s what my menu looked like (judge all you want!):

-Tim Horton’s bagel and coffee
– Soy nuts
-McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with fries and Coke
-Box of Reese’s Pieces
-Ketchup Chips
-two beer
-Pasta Salad
-Another handful of chips
-Two pieces of garlic bread

Oh my Tuxedo that looks horrible when written down!

You Ate What?!

Bringing gluten back into the diet automatically made me bloated. As soon as I finished my bagel, I was back to bloated. As well, I felt lethargic throughout the day. But with sickness setting in this weekend, I’m not sure if it was food related or not. A dull headache was present throughout the day.

Yesterday we returned back to the diet, and it was actually easier to start back into it. We’re definitely getting in a mode, and besides being sick, I still have plenty of energy and I’m not bloated. I actually had no idea I was not supposed to feel bloated all the time. Who knew?!

Learning to eat better from this diet, I was given the following iced coffee recipe, which is my new daily snack staple:


– 1 cup almond milk
– 1 tsp instant coffee
-1 tbsp all natural peanut butter
– dash of cinnamon
– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
– 2 tsp flaxseed oil
-6 ice cubes

I love it!

Today’s Question: Does your cheat day look as horrible as mine?! Yeesh!

More Positive, Less Negative

24 Jun

I just reviewed this week’s posts, and I sound kinda cranky, don’t I?!

(Don’t answer that, Jamally)

I’ve complained about my body, diet and not being able to eat tortilla chips.

Just call me Debbie Downer!

Feline AIDS: It's the number one killer of domesticated cats

For today’s post: POSITIVE REMARKS ONLY!

– Tomorrow is binge day! This means I can eat whatever I want! I’m still going to cut out dairy and see if that is what’s causing the headaches. But I do have plans to consume some sort of terribleness.

– We are heading to Jamally’s Grandmother’s 95th birthday lunch on Sunday. She’s British and makes me laugh (not because she’s British, but because she is funny).

– My bathroom got cleaned last night. I love me a clean bathroom.

– I plan to weed our back patio this weekend and set up flower boxes along with some amazing outdoor wedding gifts we now get to use!

– I’m optimistic they’ll find a cure for Feline AIDS.

Today’s Question: What’s your Positive Remark for the Day?!

Four-Hour Diet: Day Two

23 Jun

Thankfully, a lot can change in 24 hours. With our decision to test out the Four Hour Body Diet, I felt shaky and sluggish the first day. But yesterday was a lot better, and my body seemed to have somewhat accepted that Tim Horton’s Croissants weren’t on the menu.

After covering a late assignment last night, Jamally and I were still hungry, so we decided to pop out and grab something to eat. We headed to the Mexican Restaurant in town.

You know what they do at this Mexican restaurant? They give you a bowl of tortilla chips right away.

Me Casa, No Casa

Jamally and I glanced at one another, smiling. Then we opened the menu. It was the first time in my life I actually understood what it was like to eat with dietary restrictions. Everything either had some form of flour wrap or cheese mixed in to the dish. Rather than pick my top choice, I felt I had to settle with one thing.

So I ordered the Taco Salad. Without the tortilla pieces. Or Ranch dressing. And please, for the love of Ron Burgundy, do not serve it in the tortilla shell.

“Oh, it doesn’t come in the shell anymore,” the waitress said. Perfect.

And then the salad was served in a tortilla bowl.


The salad was consumed without touching the shell, and I’m still alive.

And the good news is, though it’s only been two days, I haven’t had a headache.

I’ve also felt weird over the past few days telling people I’m on a ‘diet’. A diet is always associated with losing weight, and that’s not my intention at all. So I’m trying to think of how to say it in a way that doesn’t make someone want to punch me in the face. Maybe I’ll say, “I’m restricting my diet.” Does that sound better?


Today’s Question: Have you had to ‘settle’ at a restaurant based on dietary restrictions?


P.S.- It’s Thursday!!

Going on a Diet

22 Jun

Yesterday I did something for the first time in my life: I went on a diet.

After doing a lot of reading, Jamally decided he wanted to take part in the four-hour body diet. It’s a concept that cuts out dairy, carbs and fruit, leaving you to feast on meat, vegetables and legumes. One day a week, you get a cheat day, to help boost your metabolism (and return you back to sanity, I’m sure).

Wanting to drop a bit of a weight, Jamally said he was going to try it out. I said I would join him.

Darren, I will bring this book back to you today!


Jamally gave me a side glance, asking me why I would want to diet. I don’t need to lose weight, and I’m fully aware of that point.

But every day for the past few months, I’ve been getting headaches. Every day I struggle with them. So this diet will help me understand whether it’s food related or not. I have a feeling it may have to do with dairy, so we’ll see if I feel any better from nixing those foods.

Yesterday was Day 1.

Oh sweet merciful Ron Burgundy it was hard.

You’re allowed to eat as much as you want, but when you have a starch addiction, it doesn’t matter. I realized yesterday just how much I depend on heavy carbs to fill me up. It was a long day, and when watching television last evening, Jamally and I would see food commercials and go on and on and on about how we’ll incorporate those foods into our cheat days.

Here’s to Day 2. I actually don’t feel as bad as yesterday, and know that I need to keep fuelling throughout the day. I think it’s too early to tell about the headaches, but I’ll definitely keep updates on the blog.

Today’s Question: Have you ever gone on a diet? Did it make you want to break into a bakery and eat everything in sight?