Shopping Getaway

7 Jun

Following the marathon, I knew I had something to look forward to as I was to visit my friend, Charity, in Kitchener the next weekend with plans to head to Buffalo for shopping.

I’m all for supporting local shops, but if shopping in the States comes with a girls’ weekend getaway, I am game (I think the last time I went to the States was about four years ago).

Part of my excitement was to purchase items that actually fit me. Though I may run hard and do boot camp, I’m not always comfortable wearing fitted clothing. I’m getting there with my comfort level, and that was the goal for the weekend.

Now if only my shopping outfit could speak to my efforts to be fashionable. The marathon left with me a sore right foot, and after our first day of shopping in flats, my foot was messed. The following day’s outfit thus involved running shoes. The only thing that really went with my runners were my Lululemon’s. I didn’t know whether to call myself Sporty Spice or a senior set for her walking club in the mall.


First World Problems


After two shopping days, five cycles of buyer’s remorse and one club foot, we had to get the heck outta there!

Hit the Road, Jack


Please take note of the Tim Horton’s cups in our hands. Thankfully, Buffalo has plenty of Tim Horton’s locations, but there is one difference: the size of the cups. Charity ordered a medium coffee while I ordered a large. Her medium is equivalent to Canada’s large. My large was the size of Canada’s XL. We saw the XL size and it’s comparable to a medium soft drink at a fast food restaurant. It’s ridiculous. Delicious, but ridiculous.

The 'medium' on the left; 'large' on the right


The weekend was a success and I walked away with fitted dresses, shorts and tops. Jamally was impressed. Especially since when he last saw me on Friday, I was wearing pants two sizes too large and his hoodie.

Today’s Question: Are you always comfortable wearing fitted clothing? Am I crazy?



3 Responses to “Shopping Getaway”

  1. Kate Lewis June 7, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Cathy – I meant to e-mail you to say A BIG KUDOS on completing the marathon!! I’m home sick with the flu…in June…so I have a chance now. (Wait til you have a kid, or as I like to call them, Germ Magnets.)

    I’m not so bad with the fitted jeans, etc. but hate clingy tops. Nothing worse!! When I was pregnant (my little guy is two) I wore maternity tops that would fit morbidly obese people. Can’t handle the muffin-top cling!!!

  2. Madeline June 7, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    ah, i think you know my response……you’ve witnessed my “work uniform”.

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