Our Knife-Carrying Dog

10 Jun

Our dog, Tux, is having a pretty good day today.

It’s sunny, the grass is cut and he’s found all his sticks again.

Life. Is. Goood.

Tux has this obsessive habit to find a stick on our walks and drag it home to the backyard. It’s a good thing, as it keeps our toy bills to a minimum and avoids any future hoarding scenarios.

Today comes after another Tux adventure from earlier this week, when Jamally found him chewing on yet another item he found in our crazy backyard.

Gimme all your money

Yes, that’s really a knife. Thankfully Tux didn’t start chewing at the blade’s end, and Jamally got it away from him in time. When I told our landlord of Tux’s discovery, she winced, telling us that knife used to sit in an oil can. Super! That explains his loss of appetite.

After not eating for a day, he got his energy back and is back to his regular antics.

Tux is heading to his favourite place in the world this afternoon – the kennel. When I bring his bag of food to the front door to load in the car, he loses his mind with excitement. Then he usually gets car sick.

'Stop. The. Car.'

Here’s my opportunity to showcase our insane garden’s progress to you:

Had to keep his stick hostage for this pose

While the backyard is becoming a weeded beast, our front lawn gardens are growing in nicely. I’m scared to weed and of gardening in general, as I worry I’m going to pull my landlord’s Great-Aunt’s prized roses from the 1912 World Fair or something along those lines. Maybe her great aunt once used that knife to weed!

Have a great weekend!

One Response to “Our Knife-Carrying Dog”

  1. Jill June 10, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    Your photo captions make me laugh!

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