Friends, Food and Salsa Dancing

20 Jun

Jamally and I hopped in the car Wednesday evening, beginning our five-day odyssey across the GTA. Wanting to have some time away together, we decided to make it a mini-holiday and also get some quality time in with some of our favourite people along the way.

The majority of our holiday consisted of visiting with friends, as well as eating copious amounts of terrible food. Throw in some rock climbing, a wing-eating contest and a Blue Jays game, and I’d call it a great time away. And yes, there was salsa dancing.

On Wednesday night we arrived in Toronto and had a great visit with our chiropractor-in-training friend, Emily. Giving her a “Congratulations, you’re halfway done” card, I was proud of the name I came up for her: “D_. McManus: Halfway there”. No? Anybody?

D_. McManus and Me

While Jamally rolled his eyes, Em at least laughed. We had a great visit with her, but she had to get to work early the next day. So Jamally and I did what we love to do most: go out for breakfast. We headed to Cora’s and my eyes were bigger than my stomach:

I couldn’t get through it all, but mostly because I wasn’t a huge fan of the cinnamon bread. Jamally proceeded to tease me about my larger portion orders, so we made a bet that I could consume a ballpark hotdog, beer and soft pretzel at the Jays game. And that I did.

Stop That.

That's Better

The Jays game was a lot of fun and we had eighth-row seats, and we even had fan entertainment.

Let's Go Jays!

She cheered at every. single. opportunity.

We met up with more friends over the course of the next day (upcoming blogs!), and then we headed north to visit my brother. There was a fair nearby his place over the weekend, and we took full advantage of it. We took part in a number of activities, including the beer tent, rock climbing wall and a wing-eating contest (as audience members!).

He remembered he was scared of heights once he reached the top.

I bet on the guy in the green hat. He got third place. It was a proud moment.

When then went downtown Toronto Saturday night and ended up at a Salsa Dancing Bar.

Side Note: for any girl needing a good dose of self-esteem, go to a salsa dancing club! Men ask you to dance and there was a smile on every girl’s face.

I had never been to such an establishment, and following a few songs, I decided it was time for my turn. Except I didn’t have a partner willing to join me. When Jamally and my brother left to go to the washroom, a man approached me, asking to dance.  So we danced. Well, he taught me how to dance, got routinely frustrated with my incapability to follow his lead, while I laughed and tried my best. When the guys returned from the bathroom, they were howling at me. I had fun and the following morning, started my sentences with, “well, as a salsa dancing expert….”.

Overall, we had a great time away, and we both feel refreshed for the week ahead.

Today’s Questions: Have you ever A)gone rock climbing? B)Participated in a Wing-Eating Contest? C) Went Salsa Dancing?



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