Weak Coffee

29 Jun

Good morning!

While making this morning’s breakfast, I reached for my coffee, only to realize I’m almost out. I decided to get past this awful circumstance and make coffee with what I had. Talk about a weak cup of Joe!


It’s a running joke/fear in the James’ household that if I don’t have my morning coffee, you’d better watch out!

Today’s menu will call for two cups of said weak coffee.


In the background of the above photo, you’ll see my agenda behind the cup of coffee. It’s my newest, and most favourite, addition to the home office.

I purchased it over the weekend, after finding my smaller agenda was just too small.

I am in love with this weekly agenda! I see what’s coming up for the week, and there’s plenty of space to write in my tasks, meetings and appointments.

When I’ve completed an agenda task? I check it off my list. Yes. I physically put a check mark beside that task. Makes me feel productive.

I’ve already checked off three tasks this morning! With weak coffee and all!

Have a great Wednesday!

Today’s Question: Do you use an agenda? If so, what’s your method?


3 Responses to “Weak Coffee”

  1. madeline bouvier June 29, 2011 at 11:21 am #

    OMG!!! Thank you for opening the door. I live for my agenda, lists and most of all “checking” things off the list!!! My calendar at work as well as at home is HUGE! Lots of space for tasks, appointments etc.
    I have never had an electronic agenda (I’m sure there’s a techy name for those things) and I would never want one. I like my old fashioned ccalendar.
    as for the weak coffee; I think it’s making up for the extremely strong coffee you had on Monday!

  2. Stephanie Gray June 29, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    I lurves my agenda. I make lists and cross things out. I lurves lists, too. Now that I have Mr. George Blackberry, Executive Assistant, in my life, I use the paper agenda as backup for appointments, to track hours I spend working on jobs for clients and for my lists. There is nothing that feels quite as good as a nice, bold pen stroke through a task.

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