A Weekend of Nothing

11 Jul

Last Friday morning, I Tweeted: “This weekend’s plans include the following: Nothing”

And that I did. We had nothing planned to go anywhere, and it was a nice feeling.

I started the first week of a Saturday morning summer tradition where I have plans to meet a friend at the gym for a workout.

Our workout included:

-30-minute elliptical

– side planks, bridge on exercise ball, crunches on ball, rollout on ball and more – lower-body workout courtesy of Ladystrength

-Arms with weights

It was fun to have a workout buddy for the day!

The remainder of the weekend included house cleaning, having another friend (yes, I have more than one!) over for dinner, and taking some time for myself to develop some work plans.

I’m really excited about some ideas I have crafted, and it’s always fun to think of potential future projects!

The only shot I snagged this weekend was of the man of the house lingering close by while I sat outside on our patio furniture.

Can You See Him?


There He Is!

If you asked Jamally what he did this weekend, he would have one answer for you: golfing. That birthday present is sloooowly backfiring on me. I got him a golf membership for his birthday and he’s there nearly every day. I even had a dream last night he called me from the golf course after work, letting me know he’s playing a round before coming home. Ack!

Today’s Question: Have you ever gotten someone a gift that eventually backfired on you? A Golf Membership? A loud toy for a child?

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