Earring Bliss

15 Jul

This weekend marks the Stewart Park Festival in Perth, and while I’m excited for the free music, I’m more excited to return to a vendor, who played a part in our wedding.

Last year I purchased these earrings from her stand at the Stewart Park Festival:

And my sister purchased these:

Aren’t they so pretty?

I liked them so much, I contacted the vendor, Anita Cerro, to see about putting together earrings for my bridesmaids.

She didn’t have any of the crystal style balls left, so she sent me these options:

I liked the second one from the left, and so she sent me another sampling:

I seem to remember she didn’t have matching holders, so we ended up going with the earring on the right on the card.


Ta da! Those are my sisters sporting the earrings.

As you’ll see, I didn’t go anywhere near their earring theme. I was worried it would look odd, but I loved the earrings I selected for myself with all my heart. Besides, if guests complained about mis-matching earrings at our wedding, we would have to sit down to talk about that.

I hate close up shots...and I look naked.

I ordered these earrings from Sarah Walsh – she has a beautiful collection on Etsy.

I always try to find reasons to wear the earrings again.

Our Honeymoon

Ok, I’ve gotten off track.

My point is I’m SO excited to see Anita’s selection again this year!

Today’s Question: Do you have a favourite pair of earrings? Or jewelry?

One Response to “Earring Bliss”

  1. Jill July 16, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Your wedding pictures are beautiful, as are the earrings.

    I have a favourite silver necklace my mother gave me when I was going through a difficult time and needed her comfort. I typically wear it now when I need a boost of courage.

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