What the Dog Dragged Home

16 Jul

With the sweltering temperatures, we’ve been bringing Tux to the river near our house for swims. Not only does it cool him off, it helps his hip dysplasia, too.

I’ve said it before, but about half the time we’re out on our walks, he’ll pick a stick and drag it home for some quality backyard time.

Yesterday was one of those times.

I put the steal in the 'I'm gonna steal sticks from strangers' properties'

Look at that thing! It’s a branch with leaves, which obviously broke off a tree.

In his two years of existence, he’s really developed a talent for learning how to hold an obtrusively large stick in his mouth to bring home. The best part is watching him carry the sticks home.

'Sidemount' in UFC Terminology

Most of the time he messes around with the stick when we are outside with him. It’s a total attention thing (not that we’re objecting!).

'Where You Goin'?'


I mowed the lawn on Thursday evening, and I picked up 20 sticks – 20!!!! I even left three out for him.

This is totally getting us ready for living room toy explosions with kids, isn’t it?


Today’s Question: What is your pet’s habit that melts your heart every time?


2 Responses to “What the Dog Dragged Home”

  1. Jill July 16, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    One of our dogs insists on sleeping in between our heads, on the pillow. I’ll often wake up in the morning and see his head on the pillow and his body stretched out like a human (with his legs pressed against me). That always makes me smile.

    I also melt whenever one of the dogs is settling in for a rest and he/she lets out a big sigh.

    Finally (I promise this is the last one), it makes me happy to see one of the cats (yes, we have a lot of animals) licking one of the dogs on the head.

    Tux stories make me laugh. His HUGE tree branch from your post is hilarious! He looks so proud. Tux seems like such a sweet boy and, much like his parents, an over-achiever (in the best way possible). 🙂

    • Cat's Cove Writing Services July 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm #

      Your first two items are exactly what happens in our household, too! Tux sleeps smack dab in the middle of the bed. When he’s tired or wants to be left alone, he lets out a huge sigh. Love the concept of cats licking the top of the dogs’ heads!

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