Four Hour Body Diet Results

20 Jul

Well, we did it! We’re done the four-hour body diet.

And our results?

Jamally’s results were wild. In just under four weeks, he lost a total of eight inches around his chest, waist and hips.

He also lost 11.5 lb.

We did a “Before and After” shot of Jamally, and you can really notice a difference.

He wasn’t entirely convinced posting his shirtless photos on the blog was up his alley.

So I did the next best thing:


As I previously stated, my intent was not to lose weight, but to determine whether my headaches were caused by a food intolerance.

In my first week I really noticed a difference with my headaches, but the following three weeks was about normal for my headache frequency. The good news is I obviously don’t have any allergies to dairy or gluten: bring on the pancakes!

After four weeks of stuffing our faces with beans, meat, eggs and veggies, I know one thing:  I don’t want omelets with black beans for a while.

Though the diet was bland, here’s what we learned:

  • We had a starch addiction
  • You will survive a potluck dinner
  • Your stomach does feel better when you don’t stuff it with cheese and bread (sic: pizza)
  • You don’t need carbs, but rather protein to fill you up. Cooking up a couple of eggs will do much more for hunger than putting a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster.
  • I learned how to make a lot of new dishes and an amazing smoothie
  • That I do really love Ketchup Chips, and I missed them a lot.

Today’s Question: How have you changed your diet over time?


3 Responses to “Four Hour Body Diet Results”

  1. Madeline July 20, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    I stay away from breads Monday – Friday. (except if someone offers me a healthy pizza choice on Tuesday noon). I treat myself to bread on Sundays only. Love fruits and vegetables. if i don’t have fruit and/or vegetable every day, I feel terribly depleted.
    the bottom line; everything in moderation

  2. Jill July 20, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

    Great job to you and Jamally with the diet!!!

    I didn’t notice a “before” picture of J, though. His “after” shot is great! I think he looks smurfy in his photoshopped man-shirt. 🙂

    “Have you changed your diet over time?”

    Yes, definitely. I have gone through phases where I’ve been super strict about my fat in-take and much less interested in my overall health, while other times I’ve been all about the Dorito and chocolate plan. Over time, I’ve tried to focus more on eating well, which in my book means Doritos on Fridays.

    A big deal for me, too, is to not eat until I’m stuffed and to eat when I’m hungry — paying attention to what my body is telling me, basically. Sometimes it just really wants chips and sometimes it really wants salad. Who am I to argue?

    I love that you enjoy your ketchup chips! I guess the big question is Lays or Humpty Dumpty (or other)?

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