Our $39 Bedroom Makeover

8 Aug

Who doesn’t love a Friday-night bedroom makeover?

I was irritated and anxious on Friday night, because I was jonesing to revive our house.

So rather than mow the lawn and clean our house, I instead asked a friend to come over and help brainstorm ideas to beautify the pad.

I introduce to you: our $39 Bedroom Makeover.

This is our Before Bedroom.


I often told Jamally our bedroom set-up seemed like a prison. With a sloped ceiling, we put our bed underneath this part of the room. You can see how we would often hit our heads on the ceiling.


Even the Man of the House was down about the set up.


With a quick review, we decided to switch things around:

Putting things out in the hall:


Doing some NECESSARY Cleaning:





I pulled a few items from my office, including the pillows and patterned rug.

I also purchased the vase, lamp shade and a few candles.



It’s not an interior designer’s dream bedroom, but not only do we now have head space, I also feel like it’s a serene place.

Purchased Items:

  • $9 mat to place underneath rug (no slip for hip dysplastic dog)
  • $3 hanging nails
  • $6 lamp shade
  • $13 vase
  • $8 on candles (which makes Jamally cringe)

Total Cost = $39

Not bad for piece of mind!

Next up?

A blanket chest I plan to refinish.


Oh, and painting the living room and hanging up new window treatments, too. Winking smile

Today’s Question: What is a cheap room makeover you’ve completed?

One Response to “Our $39 Bedroom Makeover”

  1. Hilary August 8, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Looks awesome!!

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