Coaster Cuteness

19 Aug

A few years ago, we received coasters at a wedding as a gift.

There are four, with a place in the center of the coaster to insert a photo. Since we’ve had them, we haven’t done anything with them. In all honesty, I was too lazy to get photos small enough to fit into them.

We recently received a really nice Thank You card from my aunt. Not only is it a nicely written note (asking if there would be a Katrina or Jamally on the way – her words, not mine!), but the card itself was gorgeous. I love me some nice stationary.

I hate filing cards away and always feel bad if I throw them out.

So I coasterized them.


(ok, the one on the right needs fixing up).

Last night I cut the card to fit into the four coasters. The patterns are wicked and the card’s note is still in tact.

coaster 2

I liked how we utilized something personal while also making it visually appealing. Jamally raved all about them this morning. Obviously.

Have a great weekend!

Today’s Question: Is there a household item you have that has a personal meaning to it?

One Response to “Coaster Cuteness”

  1. Jill August 19, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    “Jamally raved all about them this morning. Obviously.”

    Hahahahahahahaa! That’s awesome.

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