If you Can’t Laugh at Yourself…

23 Aug

….then pull the entire threading from the bottom of a curtain.

And then laugh at yourself.

Or be embarrassed.

And then laugh at yourself.

The weekend saw me in Canadian Tire searching for a sheer window covering for a living room window.

When I got home, I tried to fit the rod through the insert. But the insert was too small.

There was, however, a thread running horizontally below the insert. If I pulled the 54-inch-thread out, then it would make enough room for the rod.


45 minutes and two episodes of “Selling New York” later, the job was complete.

As I happily pulled the rod through the insert, I stopped.

My face got grim.

If I would have looked at the OTHER end of the curtain, I would have seen that it was the end where the rod is to be inserted.



How do I survive?

As I said, if you can’t laugh at yourself….


One Response to “If you Can’t Laugh at Yourself…”

  1. Madeline August 23, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    yes, laugh at yourself. And the curtains look great!!

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