Glen Tay Block Race Review

26 Aug


The Glen Tay Block Race took place in Perth, Ontario last night, and it was a blast.

Jamally and I ran it the first time in 2008. We loved it, but haven’t run it since.

Last night my new running buddy, Hilary, and I walked to the start line to give it another try.

GlenTay 001

This race has always intimidated me. It’s 14.7 km with a fast group of runners. Look at these guys at the starting line – they are fast. I guess when you host a race at 6p.m. on a Thursday, you’re going to get dedicated runners turning up for it.

GlenTay 002

When the gun went off, we knew we couldn’t get pulled into the fast pace and tried to keep our pace in tact. Once again I found the first five kilometres to be the hardest. It’s still hot with the sun out, and it’s hard not to kick up your speed.

But Hilary and I kept trucking on (both of us completely silent!), and kept our pace going.

When we got passed by two members of the Perth Running Goat Club, one of them commented, “two goats passed me on my run”.

My running brain called out to them: “You’ll be goat carcass by the end of this race!”

Who says that?! I did. And they teased me about it afterwards. Which I deserved since we couldn’t catch up to them.

With three kilometres left to go, we picked up the pace, and I’m glad to have had Hilary with me at that time. It’s the final few kilometres that always kills me, and she kept our pace up.

GlenTay 005

We finished it together, but without chipped timing, they had to put us in order.

My finishing time was 78:59, while Hilary’s was 79:00. Good thing I pushed her out of the way at the end to finish ahead of her.

We jokingly stated we would stay for the awards ceremonies.

“We’re totally going to win our age category,” Hilary said, with a smile. We laughed.

And then we totally won our age category.

Whatever – we’ll take it!

Glen Tay Block Race 2011

We had a great time running the course, and though I’m intimidated by the race, I always question that whenever I complete it.

Here are the things I love most about the Glen Tay Block Race:

– It’s cheap. It’s only a $10 registration fee, or $15 when signing up on race day.

– It’s relaxed. There’s no chipped timing, no crowd stations and a laid-back race vibe.

-It’s a great community event. It’s always fun heading out to local races as you get to see all the other local runners out.

-Its Downtown Proximity. We headed over to O’Reilly’s Pub Perth’s following the race for a chance to have a beer, food and recap the race.


3 Responses to “Glen Tay Block Race Review”

  1. Jill August 28, 2011 at 7:38 am #

    Congrats on the medals!!!

    The race looks so fun and tough.

    I love evening races, especially when they’re followed by medals, beer, and beer. 🙂

  2. Michelle August 28, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    good job winning your age categoy cathy! you’re a rock star! xo

    • Cat's Cove Writing Services August 31, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

      Let me be straight up (paula!). It was only HIlary and I in the age category and they marked her as coming in behind me, even though we crossed together. So…like, there was no one else. 🙂

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