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Vomiting During Boot Camp

28 Sep

Let’s decide what the worst part about my boot camp experience was today:

1. I haven’t run in three weeks and couldn’t finish the running exercise this morning. It’s the first time in three years I haven’t finished a boot camp exercise.

2. I nearly vomited from said exercise.

3. I got in trouble twice for chatting.

4. I came home to learn the dog did the vomiting for me, learning he had been puking the entire time I was out. (Hence the ‘Vomiting During Boot Camp’ title)



Now let’s decide why I’m in a good mood this morning:

1. I love boot camp.

2.  Jamally cleaned up the vomit!

Today’s Lesson? Exercise is bliss! Eating garbage is not.


We’re Parents!

27 Sep

Jamally and I are very excited to announce – we’re parents!

Well, actually, we’re guardians. To a 15-year-old teenager.

Last week we offered to board a teenaged girl who was moving to Perth to complete her last two years of high school.

It was a pretty easy decision to do so, and over the weekend we got her room prepared and bought groceries that didn’t include oatmeal or egg whites. Think: juice boxes, granola bars and cookies. Jamally is so happy to have snack food back in the house again!

She moved in on Sunday and so far, so good. She is quiet and polite, and we just hope she’ll laugh at our jokes.

From what we’ve seen on television, if we ever need to discuss a serious topic with our new guardian child, we should break out into song:





Bringing her in has really got me thinking back to my high school days and what it was like to be 15 again – which is half a lifetime ago!

Remember what was on your mind as a teenager?

– Ensuring you don’t fight with your parents, siblings, friends and boyfriend

– Hoping for a spare that day

– Making plans for a party for the upcoming weekend

– Looking for a job that works with your school and sports schedule

– Eating as much as you can, because you’re always hungry


Now compare that to being 29 and three-quarters:

– Ensuring you don’t fight with your parents, siblings, friends and husband

– Hoping to be let off work early that day

– Making plans to clean out basement/closet/baseboards/car for this upcoming weekend

– Looking for a job that covers your financial obligations

– Trying not to eat as much as you can, because you’re really not always that hungry.


Jamally and I are also realizing we’re actually quite far removed from high school. *sigh*


Today’s Question: What did you love about being a teenager?


When I first posted today’s posting, you didn’t think I meant….


No! Not yet.

Changing My Name–For Real This Time

26 Sep

It’s official. We’re married.

For the past year, I’ve been Cathy James. But all of my documents state otherwise – Cathy McNally. Or Margaret Catherine McNally, as that’s my full name.

No wonder I have serious persona issues.

I finally got my act together last week and ordered our Marriage Certificate through the province last week. This is needed in order to assume Jamally’s name, and legally change my documentation.

The official piece of paper arrived in the mail today!



My goal was to order this within our first year of marriage. I ordered it Sept. 20, 2011. Two days following our first anniversary.

But when it’s marriage for life, really, what’s another two days. Am I right?!

Now that both the Church and State have declared us hitched, I can go ahead and change my documentation.

That overwhelms me. Where do you start? What happens when for the in-between phase? Where are these answers?

So I Googled. A lot.

“Changing licence name, Ontario”

“Changing SIN, Ontario”

“How to change your married name, checklist”

The last one proved most helpful. has a full, Canadianized checklist to help me get the job done.

First stop? Change my Employment Records.

That’s easy.

“Tux, I’m changing my name! Write it down.”




No wonder I feel like no one is listening.

Wish me luck!

Today’s Question: When you got married, did you change your name? Or, would you change your name?

Swimming Walks

20 Sep

For dogs with hip dysplasia, swimming is the best thing for them. It provides them with exercise while helping their joints as opposed to hindering them, which running certainly does do.

So almost every day this summer, we would walk the three blocks down to the river for Tux’s swimming walks. He’d pull as hard as he could on our way down, knowing he was heading toward the water.

To get him swimming, we throw rocks in the river and he ‘chases’ them. Hey, we never argued he’s the smartest dog in the world.

Here’s a glimpse of Tux’s swimming walks:






Fetching….(No, he never gets the rocks)









Love this dog.


Today’s Question: What’s your Favourite Place to Take your Dog?

Celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary

19 Sep

It was a year ago this past weekend when Jamally and I became husband and wife. In other words, together for life.

For weeks we have been talking about what to do to celebrate our anniversary, and we had settled on a night away in Kingston.

And then I got sick. It started last weekend with a fever and eventually turned into a cough that left me on the couch and out of commission (hence the blog disappearance!).

So we decided to cancel the Kingston overnight plans and instead stay in town and play a round of golf followed by dinner.

But then I popped my back rib out from coughing so much.

Strike Two.

Still feeling exhausted on the weekend, we laid low for the first time in weeks. We watched football, walked the dog together, read, napped and prepped our meals for the week.




Was it the most romantical day? Not really. But, as we’ve learned, unplanned occurrences happen in life, and you’ve gotta go with the flow.

We chatted about and reflected on our wedding day – the food, the guests and the conversation we had while standing on the alter during the ceremony, waiting for our wedding party to sign our marriage certificate.

Jamally said the wedding was most definitely, “probably one of the top best five days of my life” (smart aleck).

We also reflected on the first year together. We give it an A+.

Paperclip Hills

9 Sep

Struggling to get your hill workouts in? Or want to amp up your hill workouts?

Try a Paperclip Hill. Or try five.

Our boot camp instructor introduced us to this workout, which feels like it’s half the work, but you’re getting in a quality workout.

With our boot camp instructor in Las Vegas for the Half Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas (Good luck, Kris!), four of us met up this morning at 6 a.m. to run together.

We headed to our town’s most popular running hill (Harvey Street, for you Perthites), and decided to complete five paperclip hills. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? But wait until you try it!

Here’s how Paperclip Hills work:


1. Start at the halfway point of a hill.

2. Run up the hill hard, then run to the bottom of the hill.

3. Run up the entire hill – yes, still hard.

4. When you’re at the top, turn to go back down to the hill, running back to your halfway-up-the-hill starting point. This half-hill descent is your recovery.

5. Start again at the halfway point of a hill.

That is one paperclip.

We pushed it this morning, and after completing five hills this morning, we were toast.

Paperclip Hills are a really good way to mix up a boring hill run and it makes your brain work during the workout, too.

And now I can eat all the Perth Fair Fudge today. Right? I’m sure that’s how it works.

Have a great weekend!

Knock. Knock.

7 Sep

Who’s There?

My Blog.

My Blog, Who?

My blog’s at the front door and would like some attention, please.

The long weekend was actually spent like a real, live long-weekend for me – the first in a while!

Highlights Include:

  • A memorial golf tournament for Jamally’s best friend.
  • 30th birthday celebrations and learning about one partygoer’s successful New Year’s Resolution to give up hugging.
  • A round of golf with the family, followed by a sleepover with my niece and nephew and a trip to the Perth Fair. Want to spend $80 in less than 12 seconds? Go to a fair. But it is totally worth it!
  • As I’ve been laid back with my blogging these days, I reflected on the things I immediately shelf when times get busy. These days it’s been my blog, but other days it’s exercise. Or preparing healthy meals.

    Or worse, all of the above.

    Getting Back On Track

    I’m thus pleased to say I’m returning to boot camp this fall! I love Kris Plant’s boot camp classes, as it gets my butt out the door and keeps things social. I went this morning and we hammered out a fast five-km run. I also had energy for the entire day (tiger brownies help, too).

    So here’s my fall exercise plan:

  • Sunday: Long, training run (For the 9-Run-Run Half Marathon in October)
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Gym workout
  • Wednesday: Boot Camp
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Boot Camp
  • Saturday: Easy run or off
  • Having a plan – and sharing it – makes me accountable. I don’t like to do more than five days of exercise. I walk at least 30 minutes each day with the monster, which keeps me active every day.


    Today’s Question: When life gets busy, what usually falls off your radar?