Celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary

19 Sep

It was a year ago this past weekend when Jamally and I became husband and wife. In other words, together for life.

For weeks we have been talking about what to do to celebrate our anniversary, and we had settled on a night away in Kingston.

And then I got sick. It started last weekend with a fever and eventually turned into a cough that left me on the couch and out of commission (hence the blog disappearance!).

So we decided to cancel the Kingston overnight plans and instead stay in town and play a round of golf followed by dinner.

But then I popped my back rib out from coughing so much.

Strike Two.

Still feeling exhausted on the weekend, we laid low for the first time in weeks. We watched football, walked the dog together, read, napped and prepped our meals for the week.




Was it the most romantical day? Not really. But, as we’ve learned, unplanned occurrences happen in life, and you’ve gotta go with the flow.

We chatted about and reflected on our wedding day – the food, the guests and the conversation we had while standing on the alter during the ceremony, waiting for our wedding party to sign our marriage certificate.

Jamally said the wedding was most definitely, “probably one of the top best five days of my life” (smart aleck).

We also reflected on the first year together. We give it an A+.


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