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Our Living Room Reveal

25 Oct

It’s been a while since I displayed our living room! You know, ever since I became a crazy makeover wife.

It all started in the summer when I wanted a change of scenery in our home. Our white walls were enough to make anyone feel like they had been admitted. As opposed to switching around our decorations to accommodate the white walls, a friend suggested painting the walls. So we did.

I don’t have an actual ‘before’ photo as my camera decided to erase all contents from its memory card.

But you’ll remember how we decided on a colour:

Benjamin Moore Boardwalk:

Once we completed our paint job, it was time to put the room back together again.

Jamally has this beloved reclining chair that, although great, doesn’t match our room. I tried to put it in the corner:



But Jamally told me: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

Following a coffee table re-finishing job, new window treatments, and purchasing a rug that didn’t smell like the dog (for now), here’s our final product:



I do find the carpet a little matchy-matchy, but I think if a few accessories that ‘pop’ are brought into the room it will complement one another well.

New window treatments include Bamboo blinds and white curtains:


And for the corner, a vase with ‘sticks’ as Jamally likes to call it:


And a few personal touches, too. The coasters with a card written by my late aunt:



As well as a framed photo of our family’s old barn in Westport. The frame is made of actually wood from the barn. A present from our uncle.



And of course, the coffee table:


It has wheels on it and has worked out well considering we eat every meal in the living room. I just need to purchase new handles.

I know this isn’t a designer’s dream living room, but I’m proud that it’s now a warm, welcoming room. Also, we did this, which is also satisfying.

I’m sure come springtime I’ll be jonesing for another room makeover. But for now, I’ll enjoy my dinner on the couch.


Manic Makeovers

15 Aug

Happy Manic Monday!

For me, it should be called, Manic Makeovers.

Jamally and I took three days off last week and rather than eat ice cream cones in the park, I put us to work.*

First: our living room:

Before (well, During, as my memory card decided to erase all my photos)





I’ll post up more photos once we get pictures and curtains up. But we like the colour as it brings warmth to the room. The colour is Benjamin Moore’s Boardwalk.

While Jamally painted, I refinished our coffee table.


The top coat is STILL drying, and once I get the hardware back on, I’ll post some ‘after’ photos.

The Good News? I. love. it.

The Bad News? I’m pretty sure Jamally wants to move out after all this.

Now it’s back to the grind as I hammer out a loooong to do list today.

*Note: Jamally did golf five days in a row.

Have a great week!

Today’s Question:  When you go on holidays, do you work on the house, or take the time to relax?

Picking a Living Room Paint Colour

9 Aug

Remember that time I decided it was time to transform our entire house?

I’ve been lying awake in bed these past two weeks, thinking of different ways to beautify our home.

Yesterday, my hairdresser – like everyone else – said I must be nesting. Nope, I’m not nesting. I realized when speaking with her that it’s to fill my time. My time was previously filled with marathon training.

Now that it’s over, I’m moving on to the next thing. And my living room walls are the victim.

Our friend suggested painting our living room to help bring warmth to the room. The previous tenant wanted everything white. White walls, white moulding, white bathroom. White.

To help determine the chosen colour, our friend also suggested utilizing our couch pillows. S.M.R.T.


(Yes, that is a stuffed owl in the background. It’s a childhood toy and Tux wants to eat her for breakfast.)

I took our couch pillow into the local paint store, Decorating by Design, and asked the owner for her thoughts.

She gave really good advice about using browns. Some browns belong to the pink family, while others belong to the orange family (insert Orange you Glad joke here). Because our pillows have that orange warmth, we headed in that direction.

I purchased a sample of Benjamin Moore’s Boardwalk.


The owner recommended I paint it on a piece of Bristol board, so we could walk it around to see the colour in different corners of the room.

Hmmmm…..Bristol board isn’t exactly a regular inventory piece in our household. So I chose the next best thing.

Extra Thank You cards from our wedding.


It worked like a charm, allowing us to determine if it’s the best colour.


We like it!

It has warmth to it, but isn’t overpowering. With Jamally on holidays this week, he’s really excited for my project task list. Who wouldn’t be?!

I swear, I’m not nesting.


Today’s Question: When you decide to paint the entire house, who does the job for you?