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30 Things to do When you Turn 30

24 Oct

A Grade 3 reading competition left me in second place behind a notorious book worm. We had to log the books  we read, and while I tried my best to crack open a book at all opportune times, I just couldn’t keep up with the leading quota.

More than 20 years later, my family knows my love for reading continues, and it was evident at last night’s birthday celebration for me.



My aunt got me the book, “30 Things to do When you Turn 30”. It’s a collection of essays from well-known contributors including Paige Davis, Timothy Ferriss and Amy Powell.

I’m really excited to crack open this book, and see what insight is provided.

Here are some chapter titles:

  • Create a Screw-Up Fund
  • Go Hug Somebody
  • Go Outside your Comfort Zone
  • Kick the Caffeine Habit (pardon?)

And yes, that’s a “Simply Thai” recipe book in the background! I also got a Church Cookbook and have been told to make the Tuna Casserole dish. Apparently turning 30 makes me a cooking machine. And I can’t wait to test out some new dishes.

Today’s Question: What advice would you give to someone turning 30?


The Mouldy Bagel

13 Oct

Monday evening conversation in the kitchen:


16-year-old Boarder: Hey, is there still that mouldy bagel in the cupboard?

Jamally: Is it still there? It’s so gross!

Me: No, I threw it out on the weekend, not realizing it was there.

16-year-old Boarder: Darn! I have to do a science experiment and thought I could use the mouldy bagel!

Jamally: Oh, too bad.

Me: Wait a second. You’re both telling me you spotted this mouldy bagel in the cupboard last week? And rather than throwing it out, just left it there?

16/J: *Chuckles*

Me: That is ridiculous!

16/J: *Chuckles*

Me: *Drinks Wine*

Injuries and High School Break-Ups. How to Deal with One of Them.

12 Oct

Exercise is kind of like dating in high school.

When you start out, you’re not really sure where it’s going to go. But once you commit, you’re so in love with the effects. You’re always on a natural high, you can’t wait to see them again and you’re constantly thinking about how you’ll include them into your day.

Whether or not the coveted promise ring was presented, high school relationships usually don’t last. Or they at least hit rocky patches.




The break-up signs become obvious. He doesn’t return your phone calls. You get needy and anxious, and talk about the impending break-up non-stop to your friends.

*Cue Tony Rich Project Music*

Ok, maybe I just had terrible high school relationships (husband and sister nod in agreement), but the same effects take shape when your body decides to dump you for an injury.

Your body doesn’t respond to you when you want it to, you start to try even harder to make it work and you will talk about your injuries with anyone who walks by the couch.

It’s common sense to give up on the bad boyfriend, but what do you do about exercise when your body dumps you for an injury?

Think about the advice your mother would have given you when you got dumped in high school. Now adapt it to your injury:

1. Look on the inside. It’s not you, it’s me. Typical break-up lingo. When a high school boyfriend gives you this line, there’s usually an underlying reason, and it doesn’t hurt to reflect on your own actions. Did you take things too quickly? Did you try to make things work even though you know it was going too fast? Putting on too much mileage or working out too many days in a row will bring on injury. Reflect on changes you have made with your workouts and determine how they could have brought on said injury.

2. Don’t eat all the Ice Cream in the house. Sure, you can’t lace up your runners. But sitting around the house doesn’t mean you can eat whenever, and whatever, you want. Resting for recovery means you’re not burning as many calories as you would be if you were exercising regularly. Take that into consideration when assessing your daily caloric intake. While you may be down in the dumps about your injury, basking in a pint of ice cream only leads to even more sad feelings and a bad sugar hangover.

3. Shut up, Already. ‘Ok, I get it. Your leg hurts. It hurts when you walk. When you sleep. When you eat. When you think. When you whine.’ ‘These thoughts were running through my husband’s head last week when I was dealing with a pinched leg nerve. Of course you’ll get sympathy over a break-up, but droning on and on about it only gets you annoyed loved ones. Whether it’s about a break-up or an injury, Kathleen Casey said it well: Pain is evident. Suffering is optional.

4. Make Yourself Stronger. As my good friend Alfie Tennyson once said: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. The same can be said for your injury. Your injury demonstrates weak links in your body. Use this as a learning experience and build on your weaknesses. Sore knee? Then perhaps it’s a hip weakness. Pulled your back? Work on strengthening your core. Getting an assessment by a professional will help you better understand why you got the injury and how you can avoid it in the future.

As for solving your high school boyfriend problems? That, I don’t know.

Family Thanksgiving Game

11 Oct

Hello, blogland!

I know, it’s been way too long, but let me explain.

My alarm didn’t go off. My dog ate my homework. Traffic was terrible.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks. With a death in the family followed by a week-long bout of pinched nerves in both my leg and foot, sitting down in front of a computer outside of work wasn’t in the cards.

The pinched nerves felt like I had growing pains, and not the Kirk Cameron kind.

Three chiropractor treatments later, it’s a lot better, but walking for longer than 30 minutes brings back the pain. No exercise makes Cathy go something, something….

Go crazy?

Don’t mind if I do!

Apparently taking a week of blogging leaves me scatter brained!

This weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving and with that, our family got together to celebrate Sunday evening.

Earlier that morning in Church, in between praying and texting (kidding?), I thought of a game we could play at Thanksgiving Dinner.

Each person writes down what they’re thankful for, and we put the answers into a hat. My dad pulls one answer out, reads it to the table and we tried to guess who wrote it down. Fun, right?!

Before we headed out to my parents’ place, I tried explaining this to Jamally and his sister, who came down for the dinner.

Their response? Crickets. But I knew my family would be game and I also knew majority rules.

As expected, my family was all over it, and here’s a sampling of the responses:

“The sun, moon and ice cream” (my brother-in-law)

“For my wonderful husband” (that wasn’t mine)

“For a free and peaceful country” (my seven-year-old niece)

“For all the water available to drink” (My pregnant sister wrote this and explained: it’s the only thing I can drink! I cheers to that)

“For waxed dental floss” (Jamally)

“That the James’ agreed to play this game” (Mine)

It was a lot of fun and I’m sure it will become a Thanksgiving tradition. Whether the James’ like it or not.

Today’s Question: What is your Thanksgiving Tradition?

Vomiting During Boot Camp

28 Sep

Let’s decide what the worst part about my boot camp experience was today:

1. I haven’t run in three weeks and couldn’t finish the running exercise this morning. It’s the first time in three years I haven’t finished a boot camp exercise.

2. I nearly vomited from said exercise.

3. I got in trouble twice for chatting.

4. I came home to learn the dog did the vomiting for me, learning he had been puking the entire time I was out. (Hence the ‘Vomiting During Boot Camp’ title)



Now let’s decide why I’m in a good mood this morning:

1. I love boot camp.

2.  Jamally cleaned up the vomit!

Today’s Lesson? Exercise is bliss! Eating garbage is not.

We’re Parents!

27 Sep

Jamally and I are very excited to announce – we’re parents!

Well, actually, we’re guardians. To a 15-year-old teenager.

Last week we offered to board a teenaged girl who was moving to Perth to complete her last two years of high school.

It was a pretty easy decision to do so, and over the weekend we got her room prepared and bought groceries that didn’t include oatmeal or egg whites. Think: juice boxes, granola bars and cookies. Jamally is so happy to have snack food back in the house again!

She moved in on Sunday and so far, so good. She is quiet and polite, and we just hope she’ll laugh at our jokes.

From what we’ve seen on television, if we ever need to discuss a serious topic with our new guardian child, we should break out into song:





Bringing her in has really got me thinking back to my high school days and what it was like to be 15 again – which is half a lifetime ago!

Remember what was on your mind as a teenager?

– Ensuring you don’t fight with your parents, siblings, friends and boyfriend

– Hoping for a spare that day

– Making plans for a party for the upcoming weekend

– Looking for a job that works with your school and sports schedule

– Eating as much as you can, because you’re always hungry


Now compare that to being 29 and three-quarters:

– Ensuring you don’t fight with your parents, siblings, friends and husband

– Hoping to be let off work early that day

– Making plans to clean out basement/closet/baseboards/car for this upcoming weekend

– Looking for a job that covers your financial obligations

– Trying not to eat as much as you can, because you’re really not always that hungry.


Jamally and I are also realizing we’re actually quite far removed from high school. *sigh*


Today’s Question: What did you love about being a teenager?


When I first posted today’s posting, you didn’t think I meant….


No! Not yet.

Swimming Walks

20 Sep

For dogs with hip dysplasia, swimming is the best thing for them. It provides them with exercise while helping their joints as opposed to hindering them, which running certainly does do.

So almost every day this summer, we would walk the three blocks down to the river for Tux’s swimming walks. He’d pull as hard as he could on our way down, knowing he was heading toward the water.

To get him swimming, we throw rocks in the river and he ‘chases’ them. Hey, we never argued he’s the smartest dog in the world.

Here’s a glimpse of Tux’s swimming walks:






Fetching….(No, he never gets the rocks)









Love this dog.


Today’s Question: What’s your Favourite Place to Take your Dog?