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Real Simple. Squash.

18 Oct

As a young(ish) married couple, you’d think our Saturday nights would consist of late nights out and plenty of socializing. Not exactly.

Last Saturday night we decided to hang out at home and Jamally headed to the store to run some errands. He returned home with the best present in the world.

Real Simple Magazine.

From filing junk drawers to 30 dinner recipes to a how-to on cutting squash, I was in love. I shrieked with glee each time I turned the page.

Cutting and preparing squash has always intimidated me, so when I read up on it, I decided to make it part of Monday night’s dinner.

Real Simple Magazine Recipe

I learned to cut, peel and pull out the squash’s membranes as well as roast it properly. And it’s cheap, too.

The menu included:

-Maple Pork Tenderloin

– White Bean Mashed Potatoes (drain full can of white beans; put it in bowl and microwave for three minutes; mashed it with fork until smooth; add two tbsp cottage cheese and 1 tbsp butter; mash; add 1-2 garlic cloves for taste).

– Butternut squash salad with mixed greens, blue cheese, red onion and homemade dressing.

It was amazing and I was proud of overcoming my squash fears.

Today’s Question: What food preparation fears do you have? Which ones have you overcome?